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Why Doesn’t Success Bring Happiness

Why Doesn't Success Bring Happiness

We hope you enjoyed Emily’s talk from last week and got some new ideas. Next we’ve decided to share Laura’s talk on why success doesn’t always bring happiness. Seems counterintuitive and Laura explains why. 

We all want to be successful and happy. But success isn’t enough to bring happiness. Why? Laura tells us that success doesn’t bring happiness because it is “Wonderhell.” Why doesn’t success bring happiness? We think of success as a final destination but it’s not. Getting to success can be exhausting and sometimes results in burnout. Can success bring happiness? 

Laura shares what she observed in highly successful people.  You have to change the voice inside your head. Our journeys are a series of successes. Re-define success not as an endpoint but a waypoint. Laura explains how you can use Wonderhell to be happy.  

Questions to stimulate your thinking before viewing. 

  • What is success?
  • Why doesn’t success guarantee happiness?
  • What makes you happy?

We’re certain Laura’s talk will get you thinking. Please let us know the ideas you come up with. 

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