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By Reagan Hilton

Photo Credit: Jeramie Lu

Marty Simpson’s comedic journey is as diverse as it is impressive. Fresh off a tour with Leanne Morgan and Jeff Allen, Marty has performed for major clients like Google, Dell Computers, and Parade Magazine. His comedy has been featured on platforms like ESPN, B.E.T., Nickelodeon, Amazon Prime Video, and his two DryBar Comedy specials have garnered millions of views. Before becoming a full-time comedian, Marty spent 15 years teaching high school Theatre and Speech and coaching football, even leading his team to the state championship. He also coached Samkon Gado, who went on to have a successful NFL career and become a medical doctor.

Marty’s own athletic achievements are noteworthy as well. As an All-American place-kicker and punter for the South Carolina Gamecocks, he held state records and kicked the game-winning field goal in the 1988 AAA State Championship game. His unique blend of experiences in sports and theater has shaped his comedic style, allowing him to connect with a wide audience through relatable and humorous anecdotes.

In his TEDx Reno talk, Marty delves into “The Bonehead Spectrum,” offering a hilarious yet insightful guide on how to avoid being a bonehead. He begins with a vivid and comical story about facing a swarm of bats in his attic, highlighting the importance of asking one more question. This sets the stage for his three key principles designed to keep us off the bonehead spectrum. Marty’s storytelling is both engaging and uproariously funny, making serious points through the lens of his personal misadventures.

Marty’s talk is a masterclass in blending humor with life lessons. He tackles topics like the importance of curiosity, the dangers of arrogance, and the impact of pride with a comedic twist. His anecdotes about his son’s slow lying, the chaos of bat removal, and the challenges female comedians face are not only laugh-out-loud funny but also packed with wisdom. Marty’s ability to turn everyday situations into comedic gold while imparting valuable advice makes his talk both entertaining and thought-provoking. Whether you’re a lifelong bonehead or just beginning your journey, Marty’s advice is clear: stay curious, stay humble, and always ask one more question.

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