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Ideas are the catalysts for innovation, change, and exponential growth.

TEDxReno is the purveyor of ideas.

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TEDxReno Speakers

Leif Babin

Former SEAL Officer, Co-author of Extreme Ownership, and Co-Founder of Echelon Front

Judy Ho

Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychologist, Tenured Professor and Author

Adrienne Bankert

National Network Journalist, TV host & Author

Kurt Gray




David H. Rosmarin

Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, and Founder of Center for Anxiety

Gaia Bernstein

Law Professor and Author of Unwired: Gaining Control over Addictive Technologies

Daniel Jones

Associate Professor

Tes Sewell

Denier of the Impossible

Sofía Sanchez

Actor, Model & Advocate

Kirstie Ennis

Adventure Athlete, USMC Veteran

Marty Simpson


Tracey Gendron

Professor and Author

Philippe Ziade

Founder and Chairman of Growth Holdings

Alexandra Carter

Internationally renowned keynote speaker and negotiation coach.

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