Philippe Ziade

Philippe Ziade

  • Founder and Chairman of Growth Holdings

Philippe Ziade is an exceptional serial entrepreneur who founded over sixty companies in just under twenty years. He represents and embodies the quintessential American ‘can do’ attitude to business.

Hailed and admired as a visionary leader who tends to be one or more steps ahead of the broader market, Mr. Ziade has gained a solid reputation for reinventing entire industries by rethinking and rewriting their rulebook. An out-of-the-box thinker par excellence, Mr. Ziade finds effective yet unconventional solutions to common issues.

Long before it became fashionable, he incorporated sustainability principles throughout his businesses to give his companies a distinct competitive edge. In tune with contemporary societal values, Mr. Ziade embraces the shift towards renewable energy, including a commitment to the net zero standard. He has been particularly successful in spotting opportunity – often in areas considered inhospitable to business.

Growth Holdings, the company he founded to bundle his diverse business interests, is currently constructing the world’s first net zero luxury hotel in Las Vegas. Earlier, LIVV Homes, another Ziade company, debuted the world’s first net zero luxury living community in Henderson, just south of Las Vegas.

Here, Mr. Ziade conclusively proved that supreme luxury and grand customizable homes need not tax, burden, or harm the environment. LIVV Homes introduced new construction techniques and procedures to sharply reduce the carbon footprint of the project. Each home at NEO and Magnus – the two LIVV communities currently under construction – has been designed from the ground up to exceed even the most exacting environmental standards. LIVV Homes also incorporate this world’s first fully integrated intelligent home system which uses artificial intelligence to match indoor ambiences to anticipate the individual needs and preferences of the occupants.

Philippe Ziade’s success in business stems from his ability to adapt advanced technology to the daily needs and requirements of people. He also masterfully explores and exploits synergies which helps explain how Mr. Ziade accumulated such a vast and diverse business universe.

Originally from Lebanon, Philippe Ziade arrived in the United States to pursue dual degrees in Mechanical and Civil engineering at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His meteoric rise in business started with construction as a subcontractor on the Las Vegas Strip and has since blossomed and branched into numerous other fields such as technology, renewable energy, education, hospitality, and real estate. Ziade businesses are currently present on three continents.

In parallel, and in the best American tradition, Philippe Ziade developed numerous initiatives to provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged people in Lebanon and elsewhere. His companies help talented Lebanese professionals successfully scale the career ladder. In recognition of his charitable efforts and business acumen, Mr. Ziade was appointed Honorary Consul of Lebanon for the State of Nevada. In that capacity, he works tirelessly to assist the sizeable Lebanese expat community in the state and promote both business and cultural links between Nevada and Lebanon.

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