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Can You Increase Your Confidence?

Can you Increase your Confidence?

Here at TEDxReno HQ we’ve been having some fun curating a series of talks for you along with a summary and questions to help you get more from each talk. 

The first one we’d like to share is by Emily Jaenson, who talks about how to increase your confidence. If you like it, please subscribe to this blog to be sure you don’t miss anything.

Confident behavior is not always readily available to us. 
When people can see themselves acting differently they begin to act differently. By asking yourself a set of questions you can move toward the confident behavior you desire. 

  • Who am I?
  • Who do I want to become?
  • How does this person I want to become behave?

Emily shares six behaviors that will help you.

Questions to reflect on before viewing with your team:

  • What is confidence?
  • How do we all benefit when those around us are confident?
  • How can you build your own confidence?

We’re certain Emily’s talk will spark discussion. Let us know the ideas you come up with by sharing & tagging us on Twitter Facebook LinkedIn and  Instagram.

And If you want to watch more TEDxReno videos you can find them on our  Youtube Playlist.


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