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How Do You Get Someone to Take a Chance on You?

How Do You Get Someone to Take a Chance on You?

Continuing our series, this week we share a talk by Liv Moore on providing opportunities for others to find the career of their dreams. 

Liv asks, “How do you get someone to take a chance on you?”

Liv got the opportunity that led to the job she has today at Netflix. That opportunity opened her world. 

She explains that professional opportunity should be a reciprocal action, meaning what we are given we give forward. She wants us to examine not just how but why, we will do it.  

People feel they are not qualified to help someone else at work but Liv believes we all are and it’s simple. She tells the story of how she helped interns by treating them as beginning professionals who left with legitimate job experience. She mentored them even though she was new, too. 

It’s hard to get your first job, especially when experience is required. We all can help. If we all collectively give more often we could change the community of new professionals. 

Questions to get you to take action:

  • What could you personally do to help someone at your workplace with their career?
  • Who can you help grow in their career?

We’re certain Liv’s talk got you thinking about how you can help another.  Please let us know about the lives you impact by taking a chance on someone or giving some career guidance.  

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