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Are You Obsessed With Creating the Perfect Answer?

Are You Obsessed With Creating the Perfect Answer?

This week we are going to give you the gift of how to introduce yourself. With all the upcoming holiday parties we know you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do that. 

Every professional needs to have a great answer to, “What do you do?” Clay Hebert shares that at one time he didn’t. So he became obsessed with crafting the perfect intro which he shares so that you can have better conversations when you meet others.

How do you design your introduction for real human connection? You’ll meet 50,000 people in your adult lifetime so introductions matter. Poorly explaining what we do is our most frequent mistake. 

Most of us have never been taught to properly introduce ourselves. We get taught bad ideas like the elevator pitch. Nobody wants to be pitched in a small metal box. Don’t get stuck in the myths of what an introduction should be. Listen to learn those myths. 

Learn how to craft your perfect intro by using the formula, I help people achieve (a result). 

He gives several great examples. 

1) No buzz words, keep it simple 
2) Keep it short 
3) Intrigue over information – get them curious.

 Then customize it to the situation. Clay shares a great tip, ask the other person what they do first so you can customize your introduction using what they tell you. Then he shares many ways to customize. Change the way you introduce yourself to improve the way you connect. 

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