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Make Your Image Tell the Truth About You  Sandy Grigsby | TEDxReno

Make Your Image Tell the Truth About You
Sandy Grigsby | TEDxReno

Every individual projects a persona to the world. Whether it be through our online profiles, photos or personal branding, everyone has an image of themself that they want to project to the world. However, we often find ourselves sending out a message that is different from what we originally had in mind. The image that we project onto the world may be different than how we want to be perceived. Sandy Grigsby speaks about how these messages can prevent us from attracting new clients, getting hired, or even getting dates. 

A pioneer in self-image and persona, Sandy Grigsby has worked in commercial modeling, web design, and personal branding photography for decades. She has changed the way leaders are perceived, developing a formula to create a sustainable, recognizable, and powerful personal brand. Sandy is a Personal Branding Image Expert, Confidence Catalyst, and LinkedIn Learning Instructor.

In her 2023 Talk, Grigsby explains how a misleading message online can result in personal misrepresentation. A well-thought out persona is paramount on the pathway to success. Sandy Grigsby has perfected a formula for combatting misjudgement:

Step One is to accept that judgment is a part of life, and use this to your advantage. Your personal image can manipulate the ways in which others judge you from the beginning.

Step Two is to choose which of your own personality traits define you. How do you describe yourself? Your family? How did you describe yourself as a child? 

Step Three is to use them to your advantage. Reflect on how you can weave these characteristics into your own persona. Do you look easy-going or harsh in your profile picture? 

These three steps help create a more accurate impression onto the world. Body language and style choices can heavily influence first impressions, so it is imperative to create a representative image. 

By defining and presenting who you truly are, your presentation becomes a catalyst for others to see the real you and creates a pathway for success. Grigsby states that judgment is all around us, however we can adapt our personas to create a more favorable image of ourselves that reflects our motivations and personal brands.

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