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Arresting The Thieves of Our Dreams | Joseph McClendon III | TEDxReno

How often have budding hopes, plans or ambitions been derailed by inner doubts and fears?

In his thought-provoking talk at our 2023 TEDxReno event, success coach Joseph McClendon III urges us to confront the “thieves” sabotaging our dreams – and take back control of our destiny.

“I learned that any moment I felt unworthy or incapable was merely a band of thieves attempting to pilfer my destiny.”- Joseph McClendon III

Through deeply personal anecdotes from his own journey, Joseph illuminates how limiting mindsets can stealthily undermine potential from a young age if left unchallenged. Whether imposed by others or unconsciously assumed, constraints like “that’s not for people like me” or “I’ll never be good enough” linger insidiously – until we find the courage to question their truth and envision alternative narratives.

An energizing message emerges: we possess innate abilities that societal expectations or past failures alone cannot define. By embracing relentless optimism instead of perceived restrictions, we grant ourselves permission to strive beyond our boundaries and comfort zones. As Joseph shares, reframing how we view setbacks, imperfections, and unrealized goals as natural “periods of preparation” boosts grit to persevere long-term.

“My path is not a straight line. It has curves, switchbacks, and detours but that’s not failure. That’s part of the process of preparation.” – Joseph McClendon III

Joseph leaves the audience with an inspirational charge. Just as he heroically overcame personal obstacles, he emphasizes that each person contains reserves of strength to dream bigger and accomplish more than they believe possible. By arresting negative mental patterns that sabotage our potential, our future becomes ours to create, free from the thieves of our dreams. 

“The past does not equal the future if you don’t allow it to.”  – Joseph McClendon III

Have you faced internal or external constraints holding you back from pursuing your passions? What can each of us do to cultivate a growth mindset? Consider Joseph’s insightful perspective – your thoughts are welcome below.

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