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A South Asian Twenty-Something Woman’s Guild to Navigating Life in The Age Of Instagram

A 20-Something Woman's Guide to Navigating Life In The Age Of Instagram

Rhea Isaac: Tackling Beauty Standards with Wit

Rising star Rhea Isaac has the crowd laughing and thinking with her unique blend of comedy and social commentary during her Ted Talk. She skillfully uses humor as a lens to examine and critique the challenges young women face, from beauty standards to social media’s influence.

Isaac’s relatable humor shines when she delves into personal anecdotes. “When I was a kid, beauty was my last care. But now I’m mostly plastic,” she jests, hitting a nerve about society’s pressure on women to look a certain way. Her self-deprecating wit is not just for laughs—it underscores a serious conversation about self-image in the age of plastic surgery and filters.

Satirical Serenades

Her talents extend beyond stand-up; Isaac uses her musical talents to satirize the influencer economy. Strumming her keyboard keys, she belts out lines like, “Instagram butt models are how everyone’s marketing everything nowadays.”

A Call to Reflect and Laugh

Isaac’s performance is a smart, funny reflection on the absurdities of modern femininity. She doesn’t just entertain; she encourages us to think about the societal norms we often take for granted.

Click here to watch her full performance and enjoy a mix of laughter and insight that will leave you thinking long after the show ends.


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