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By Reagan Hilton

Photo Credit: Kaylee Konze

As Patricia Jetton, better known as Trish, takes the stage at our TEDx talk held at the University of Nevada Lawlor Event Center she jokes, “This is the longest I’ve ever been in college before, so this is great.”

Then she bursts into her first song enchanting the audience. 

Trish sings with a band called Hirie and we were delighted that she came to perform for us. 

In between songs she talked to the audience about her life. 

“If somebody told me I didn’t deserve a drink, I’d be pissed,” she says about her drinking to cope with uncomfortable situations. She felt she “deserved” a drink because her life was hard. 

Once she stopped drinking, she realized she needed to be able to count on herself and she dedicated her second song, Best Friend, to those like her who struggle with self love. The song ends with, “Nothing you do can affect my stride.”

She talks about not realizing how her going sober would affect the other people in her life. Many of them stopped drinking even though she hadn’t asked them to. 

“I wouldn’t look at anyone and say, ‘You deserve a drink.'” She goes on to say that she thinks everyone deserves to feel inner peace, feel like children again and love themselves so fearlessly that we all begin to question societal norms. 

Before she sings her last song she says, “I don’t think you ‘deserve’ a drink.”

Listen to her beautiful voice and meaningful songs. 

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