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By Reagan Hilton

Photo Credit: Jeramie Lu

The world is buzzing about a new player in town: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some believe it poses a threat to take away jobs and create disaster but Philippe Ziade believes it is to be embraced to enhance our lives.

As a person in the business of building homes, Philippe is not spooked by all the negative talk about AI. Instead he’s taking a chance on AI by using it to take homes to the next level. He decided to build upon the AI revolution in the next generation of living spaces. 

Philippe remarks that the smartest AI in the world is nothing without data. It requires good unbiased data. Where will an AI powered house get the data? Why from its occupants of course.

Philippe asks, where are you the most comfortable being yourself, the most honest, letting down your guard and sticking to your habits? Your home and your AI powered home will learn from all that data.

What if your home had a brain? A very smart brain. AI would be able to support you in ways you haven’t imagined. Imagine if your home was a trusted companion? What if it could accommodate your needs, tailor itself, adapt to your routines, adjusting and evolving to stay one step ahead?

Your smart home would know when you are awake and when you are sleeping, and it would maximize energy based on that. Your home would look after your health, financial well-being, and your overall comfort. 

Your house might know from your voice if you are not well, sad, or lonely. Your voice reveals so much about you. If you’re feeling down, your house will notice, identify the triggers, and then step in to help by reducing the effect of those triggers. 

Your house might even be able to recognize your allergies. The house can check the air for the pollutants that are bothering you and filter for those. 

And what if your home knew who was in each room and could adjust to each person? Arranging the lighting, window shades, and music for each individual. 

This would be amazing for any of us but imagine think about what it could do for elderly or disabled persons living alone. 

Philippe ends by saying, “Hug change like an old friend.” We heard him loud and clear. Don’t let change be a threat. Roll with it, embrace it, and let the AI be with you.

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