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The Simple Way to Inspire Your Team

The Simple Way to Inspire Your Team

Most leaders think that to convey a purpose that truly inspires, they need a compelling answer to the question Why? As in, Why do we do what we do? Leaders often seek to answer this question, then work to revise their mission statement. They deliver it to their teams via email and post it to their website. The result? A beautifully crafted mission statement that most people don’t read.

People are less inspired by a compelling answer to Why and more motivated by a clear answer to the question Who, as in, Who is served by the work that we do? Think of a time you felt highly inspired at work. Was it when your boss recited the company’s mission statement? Or was it when you received a sincere thank you from a teammate or client and felt your work was important to someone else? 

People want to do work that matters, and they want to work for leaders that tell them that they matter. The most powerful way to tell them is to help them find the answer to the question, Who?

So, who is served by the work that you do?

Watch the full TEDxReno by David Burkus to learn more about discovering your Who?

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