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How to Make Work Feel More Effortless

How to Make Work Feel More Effortless

With the start of another new year, many of us are thinking about how to make the best of our personal and work lives in the coming months. We spend almost 100,000 at work in a lifetime. Thus, we need a better solution to sustain a great career without losing our minds or sacrificing our lives. 

Do you want to do work that excites you, makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning, and where you are performing at your peak? In her 2022 TEDxReno talk, Sneha Mandala shared with us how we can each choose effortlessness over burnout.

How can we unlock our peak performance? Sneha unlocked hers by working on a side project in a warehouse after her tasks of being an engineer were finished each day. She moonlighted as a facilitator of sorts as she helped warehouse workers – who feared that their jobs would soon be replaced by robots – to increase their skills, write resumes and conduct mock interviews. She looked forward to this work like she never had engineering. This unpaid after-hours work was driven by a desire to make an impact on others and feel the freedom of being authentic. This combo led her to a flow state where she felt that the work she was doing was effortless. 

How do you go from hustling, grinding and burning out to making your work feel effortless? 

Check our the full talk by Sneha Mandala if you’re looking for labor liberation. 

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