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Shared Sisterhood | Tina Opie | TEDxReno

Bias persists throughout organizations and society. Although organizations may make enthusiastic efforts to bring about awareness and positive change at the start of diversity, equity, and inclusivity campaigns; they seldom pursue follow-up measures that result in an increase in the hiring or reduction of inequities confronting marginalized people. Dr. Tina Opie talks about her steps towards a better way to address bias through collective action. 

Shared Sisterhood | Tina Opie | TEDxReno

Dr. Tina Opie speaks of these truths and offers a framework for her Shared Sisterhood philosophy. This philosophy follows three steps: Dig, Bridge and Action. 

Step 1:  Dig – Building awareness of self and our views

Step 2:  Bridge – connecting with others who value equity

Step 3:  Collective Action – together dismantling systemic inequities by promoting amplification, a collective effort to support and amplify work well done by marginalized counterparts

Dr. Opie encourages us to take a look at ourselves and the systems within which we live. She outlines the importance of taking an introspective look at ourselves and our environments and questioning why we might hold the opinions that we do. She invites us to take this understanding and connect with others to start a conversation about bias.

Finally, through mutual understanding, Dr. Opie outlines how we can work together to dismantle and combat systems of inequity. With tools like amplification, where we use our voices to promote the ideas of others, we can change systems of bias. Collective action requires that we all work together to create a more equitable environment for everyone.

These steps assist us to remain consistently in a position of examining ourselves, supporting and building each other up, and creating a place where we continue to take positive measures to improve our chances to reduce, if not, eradicate bias in the workplace and our lives.

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