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Ideas are the catalysts for innovation, change, and exponential growth. TEDxReno is the purveyor of ideas. Join us to engage with thought leaders and entertainers who are changing the world.

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Did you know that 5 of the Top 100 TEDx Talks of 2022 came from TEDxReno? Watch and You’ll Know Why!

In the dynamic landscape of ideas worth spreading, TEDxReno has emerged as a powerful force, showcasing the incredible depth of talent and innovation within the community. In 2022, TEDxReno proudly contributed five remarkable talks to the global conversation, earning them a place among the Top 100 TEDx Talks of the year.

You can check out these TEDx Talks here:

Why doesn’t success bring happiness? | Laura Gassner Otting | TEDxReno 

The simple way to inspire your team | David Burkus | TEDxReno

Six behaviors to increase your confidence | Emily Jaenson | TEDxReno 

Professional opportunity is a responsibility | Liv Moore | TEDxReno 

Negotiating From a Place of Weakness Using Cognitive Empathy | Shermin Kruse | TEDxReno

TEDxReno has become a platform where diverse voices come together to share ideas that resonate globally. The active participation of the community not only ensures the success of individual talks but also fosters an environment where ideas flourish and spark meaningful conversations.

Looking ahead, TEDxReno shows no signs of slowing down. With a growing pool of talented individuals and an increasing appetite for thought-provoking discussions, the future holds exciting possibilities for 2024!

Our next event is April 6, 2024 at the UNR Lawlor Event Center. For a sneak peek at the 2024 speakers go to www.tedxreno.org/speakers 

Get your tickets now. (https://bit.ly/42jjjcw)

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