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Music: The Mood Enhancing Drug That has Never Been Easier to Create | Misty and Cody Rea

Have you ever thought of music as a mood-altering drug, capable of capturing fleeting emotions and bottling them into the timeless essence of a great song? Well, the dynamic duo of Cody Rea and Misty Rea took the stage at TedxReno to explore just that, unraveling the intricate relationship between music and mood, and embracing new technology.

Misty Rea, with her illustrious forty-year stage career in vocal performance and musical theater, teamed up with her son Cody Rea, a powerhouse with a Bachelor’s degree in Recording Science and a knack for songwriting, producing, engineering, and playing multiple instruments. Together, they dove deep into the art of writing music quickly and freely, shedding light on how this process can truly capture the essence of the emotions the songwriter intends to convey.

On the TEDxReno Stage, Cody Rea shared his insights into the emotional nuances of music, emphasizing how writing it swiftly allows artists to encapsulate the raw and authentic feelings that serve as the building blocks of every extraordinary composition.

Cody Rea explained her journey of embracing today’s technological advancements in music creation. In an era where the barriers to entry in the music industry have crumbled, she highlights how technology has made it easier than ever to create and release music. From songwriting to production and engineering, Misty showcased how the fusion of creativity and cutting-edge tools can elevate the musical experience to new heights.

As the audience absorbed the wisdom of this musical mother-son duo, the underlying theme resonated loud and clear – the freedom to write music is the key to capturing something transformative. By embracing technology, artists can amplify their creative expression, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of music.

The lessons gleaned from Misty Rea and Cody Rea’s insightful talk aren’t confined to that moment alone – they serve as a guiding beacon for the future. Picture yourself in a space where these lessons linger, inspiring you to explore the limitless possibilities of your artistic expression, armed with the wisdom of capturing moods and leveraging technology. Cody and Misty Rea’s TEDx Talk portray how Ideas Worth Sharing offer an opportunity to learn, evolve, and carry the torch of innovation forward with newfound perspective and spirit.

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