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Ideas are the catalysts for innovation, change, and exponential growth.

TEDxReno is the purveyor of ideas.

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From Dodging Bombs to Changing the World

Great Ideas to you Inbox

March, 2024

From Dodging Bombs
to Changing the World

Don’t underestimate the Biggest Little City when it comes to TEDx talks… there’s a reason why prestigious speakers from around the nation choose TEDxReno as their venue of choice.

In 2022, five of the top 100 TEDx talks came from TEDxReno, and this year promises to be no exception!

On April 6, 2024 Philippe Ziade will disrupt your thoughts about the path to the American Dream. From the edge of your seat you’ll hear his story of transformation-– from a bomb-dodging child in war-torn Lebanon to a serial entrepreneur-– founding over sixty innovative companies in just under twenty years.

The secret to his success? It’s not what you’d expect.
Join us on April 6th to find out!






201 W. Liberty St. Suite 300, Reno, NV 89501

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