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Grant Denton

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From childhood abuse and abandonment, drug addiction and a life of crime, Grant Denton has emerged as a leading advocate for folks in need, especially the unhoused.

Denton burned through jobs. He became addicted to drugs and was in and out of homelessness from 2007 to 2013.

In 2013, Denton was arrested on burglary charges that could have sent him to prison for five to seven years. The judge gave him a choice: enter drug court and rehab or go to prison. On Dec. 28, 2014, Denton used illegal drugs for the last time. "That was It! I was done," he says.

Denton moved to Reno for a fresh start, working in sober living, a homeless shelter, for the Downtown Reno Business Improvement District, and in an addiction treatment center, where he formed a crew of community volunteers that lead to the Karma Box Project.

In 2018, Denton founded the innovative Karma Box Project that installed about 50 donation boxes across Northern Nevada. People place nonperishable foods, hygiene products and other items in the boxes, and folks remove what they need. The boxes are painted by local artists or members of the community.

More recently the non-profit has grown from initiating a workforce program for the unsheltered called the River Stewards, geared towards cleaning trash off the Truckee, to running a homeless outreach team on the streets. The Karma Box Project also has helped to create and operate Nevada's first sanctioned safe camp community, as well as an overflow shelter.

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