Emma White

Emma White

  • Author, Mental Health Advocate
  • - Entrepreneur

Emma White is an Author, Mental Health Advocate, and Survivor. Raised in Reno, Nevada, she overcame suicidal depression at the age of 15 and is dedicated to preventing youth suicide and destigmatizing mental illness. Emma is the Founder of Life Is Worth It, an organization that helps young people navigate life's challenges by providing resources, self-help readings and workshops. She is also the author of It's Not OK, but It Will Be, her autobiography and self-help book to help young people struggling. By sharing her personal story and providing education about mental illness, Emma is a passionate voice in suicide prevention. In addition to her organization, Emma works for the Nevada Office of Suicide Prevention as the Safe Messaging Specialist, where she specializes in statewide collaborative efforts to develop, implement and evaluate state prevention strategies for youth.

In 2021, Emma was selected as the winner of the Jersey Mike's Sub Abover Grant and was a finalist for the Influential Women of Northern Nevada Award. Knowing there is nothing more rewarding than saving lives, she feels blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate with community partners to end youth suicide and is excited about what the future holds for mental health and prevention.

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