Denis Phares

Denis Phares

  • Chief Executive Officer of Dragonfly Energy Corp.
  • Innovation leader

Dr. Denis Phares is the Chief Executive Officer of Dragonfly Energy Corp. and leader of the company's innovation and research initiatives- focusing on developing and advancing Dragonfly's revolutionary technology.

Phares first earned a Bachelors of Science in Physics from Villanova University and then went on to obtain his Ph.D. in Engineering from Caltech. As a tenured faculty member of the Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Southern California,Phares began working extensively on advancing renewable energy technologies, eventually making the move from academia to following his dream of making an impact in green energy storage, an area that had virtually stagnated the advancement of widespread renewable energy adoption.

While working to complete his MBA at the University of Nevada, Reno, he began building Lithium-Ion Batteries out of his garage. Dragonfly Energy was born and this effort would rapidly grow as Dragonfly Energy and their consumer brand, Battle Born Batteries, have become one of the industry leaders in green energy storage. Phares has an ultimate mission to see Dragonfly's new technologies reach beyond its current mobile and recreational off-grid applications and provide safe, reliable energy storage for all.

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