Sneha Mandala

Sneha Mandala

  • L & D Senior Manager
  • - Professional Coach

Sneha Mandala has flexed and flowed through cities, cultures, and careers. The only thing that keeps her grounded is the mantra: "Every day should feel effortless."

At 23, Sneha packed her bags and moved from India to Chicago, in search of the freedom to grow into whoever she wanted to be.

After completing a Masters in engineering and starting her career, she quickly became frustrated with the same ‘hustle and grind’ mindset she’d flown halfway across the world to escape.

Studies repeatedly show that after a point, hard work no longer improves performance. Fatigue creeps in. You lose your zeal. You burn out.

Sneha discovered that her best and most inspired work came from being herself and finding flow.

Now as a senior L&D professional and certified coach, she has made it her mission to empower others to achieve peak performance... effortlessly.

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First Session: Encounter May 21, 2022