Emily Jaenson

Emily Jaenson

  • Sports Executive, Passion Point Marketer, Podcast Host

Emily Jaensons motto is "Be so good they won't forget you!" and this motto has carried her through her career to land her last role as General Manager of the Triple-A Reno Aces. Upon accepting this role in 2018, Jaenson became the first female in Triple-A to hold the GM role in nearly 20 years.

Emily is on a mission to bring excellence and intention to her work every day so that she can shine the light for other women to pursue roles traditionally held by men. Jaenson leads a podcast, Leadership is Female, where she interviews executives in sport so that she and her guests can guide the next generation of female leadership forward.

Jaenson is married to Shawn Jaenson, a Navy veteran, and has two young sons and a daughter.

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